Recently Plas-Tech Fabrications broke away from the rest of the plastic fabrication supplier pack by starting to develop, patent, manufacture and distribute its own lines of products.  In this section you will find our growing line of products.

For those items that we prototype, fabricate and manufacture on behalf of our valued customers, please see Our Industries.  There we showcase the range of industries we serve and the products we can manufacture for any customer while the customer retains ownership of the designs and other intellectual property.  We take great care in ensuring that intellectual property and industry secrets do not flow across the boundaries between our individual customers, or the boundaries between Plas-Tech and our customers.

While there are many opportunities out there we only target products that fall within our strict guidelines.  Some of these guidelines are considered confidential under our own business strategy but the following can be disclosed:

  • Under no circumstances will we target a product or project that is already managed by one of our customers, past or present, unless we receive specific permission from them.  This includes requests from end-users.
  • We target products that are in alignment with our values with respect to our own community and other communities around the globe.  We support responsible local economic growth no matter where people live and work.  See also Community.
  • We target products that support local and global sustainability with respect to resource usage, recycling and protecting ecosystems.  See also Sustainability.

We hope you enjoy reviewing our products and invite you to contact us if you feel you have a product or idea that you wish to explore with us.  We offer a wide range of business models on which to form successful partnerships.