Most people think of concrete and wood when it comes to the construction industry, mainly because of residential construction with which they tend to be familiar.  For industrial and institutional construction both plastics and steel come into play as well.  For the building structure plastics can be used for side covering, windows and barriers.  When it comes to the plumbing, HVAC and facilities related items that go into the completed structure, plastics can come in almost any form such as raw or fabricated (modified) sheets, piping, fittings and tubing.

At Plas-Tech Fabrications of Ottawa Ontario we can deliver as both a distributor and as a fabricator.  For distribution we can supply as-is or cut-to-size plastic sheets and rod including Lexan, HPDE, ABS and specialized plastics such as laminates.  We also supply pipe, fittings and valves of PVC,CPVC, HDPE and PVDF plastic for the construction of industrial, research and institutional projects.  Our specialty product lines from Georg Fischer and Ipex include jointing systems such as Fuseal and COOL-FIT jointing by Georg Fischer to double containment systems for hazardous chemicals such as CONTAIN-IT Plus and Contain-it systems.

For fabrication, Plas-Tech can custom fabricate or produce in volume basically anything plastic needed in, on or attached to a building under construction.  We have CNC and general machining capabilities, along with vacuum forming, adhesives and welding that can be applied to Lexan, HDPE, PVC, CPVC, polypro, laminates and specialty plastics to produce a myriad of items used in construction.  These would include:

  • Building Materials, including Recycled Plastics
  • Customized Piping, Fittings and Framework
  • Ductwork, Vents and Ventilation Systems
  • Lighting and Fixtures
  • Equipment Guards, Housings and Panels
  • Filtration, HVAC and Refrigeration Components and Systems
  • Slotted Pipe for Drainage and Venting
  • Polyethylene Tanks and Other Plastic Vessels
  • Rails, Barriers and Special Safety Structures
  • Windows and Door Panels
  • Escalator Guards
  • Storage, Cabinets and Shelves
  • Replacement Parts for Construction Vehicles, Tooling and Equipment