The Defense industry counts on Plas-Tech Fabrications to manufacture plastic components to their exacting specifications and expectations.  When defense professionals only have their equipment between themselves and certain danger the last thing they need on their mind is their equipment.  Plas-Tech has the materials expertise and technical prowess needed to ensure this is the case so that our end-users can focus on the task at hand.

The well-known demands on plastics materials from the Defense industry includes bullet, explosion and fire-proofing capabilities.  But there is also lesser-known requirements such as heat and electrical dissipative and moisture absorption properties where electronics are involved, and near-perfect optical clarify for visors and shields.  Plas-Tech Fabrications will help select materials ranging from traditional plastics to those on the cutting edge of materials science and nanotechnology.  And our precision machining and plastic forming process capabilities will transform those materials to world-class components that our end-users can trust.

Plas-Tech Fabrications is located in Ottawa-Gatineau which positions it strategically to service the north-east and mid-western United States and the defense industry corridor extending from Toronto Ontario to Montreal Quebec.  Among the components we produce for the Defense industry are:

  • Bomb-Suit Armor and Visors
  • Bullet-Proof Shields and Armor
  • Riot Shields
  • Blast-Shields for Vehicles
  • Fire-Retardant and Heat Dissipative Components
  • Cargo Liners for Vehicles, Helicopters and other Aircraft
  • Housings for Radar and Sensitive EquipmentTest Equipment and Devices
  • Simulation and Training Apparatuses
  • General Military, Police and Border Security Items