Plas-Tech Fabrications of Ottawa-Gatineau offers Plastics Prototypes and Prototyping


Plas-Tech got its start in prototyping in 1997 in the Ottawa-Gatineau region and our prototyping approach is still a key factor to our and your continued success.   Our experience and technology enables us to rapidly zero in on a working optimized plastic prototype so that costs and timelines are reduced significantly.  In comparison, our competitors often use up customers budgets, time and patience in this stage due to a haphazard approach applied to an inadequately-reviewed design.

For more technically oriented designs, we get our edge from our in-house design capabilities such as CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Manufacturing) whereby designs can be downloaded directly to our CNC machines for prototyping.  For those designs that are more art than science we also stand out as having the most highly respected artisans in Ontario for machining, moulding and shaping plastic of all kinds.  Often our most successful designs come from a harmonization of our technical prowess and artisan craftsmanship.

Plastic Prototypes can range in volume and variation according to the needs of the customer.  Sometimes only one is required to capture a concept while other times many are required for destructive testing, distribution and display.

With successful prototypes in hand, some customers elect to test them at their own facilities and bring them inside their own corporations for further manufacturing across Canada, the United States and abroad.  Many others stay on with Plas-Tech to move into Fabrication or Flexible Manufacturing locally here in Ottawa.