The applications for plastics in the Transportation industry are numerous in variety, scope and scale as the industry has many variants and complex designs.  Ground-based transportation supported by Plas-Tech fabrications would include automobiles, transportation trucks, buses and trains, along with their supporting maintenance programs and infrastructure such as train stations and bus depots.  With so many people depending on these systems for their safe and efficient movement on a daily basis, our transportation customers have turned to Plas-Tech for the reliable delivery of high quality components and materials.

While metals still make up a great deal of the components of transportation vehicles and systems, plastics such as ABS and PVC panels and Polycarbonate lenses and windows have replaced many metal and glass applications in the relentless pursuit of lower costs and weight.  Plas-Tech Fabrications has the materials expertise with plastics to help guide customers through the myriad of choices and challenges in selecting plastics as primary and substituting materials.  We also have on-site engineering resources to help determine optimal mechanical designs that maximize performance while minimizing production costs.

Plas-Tech Fabrications is located in Ottawa-Gatineau which positions it strategically to service the business corridor extending from Toronto Ontario to Montreal Quebec.  This corridor has several concentrated transportation hubs including airports, freight terminals, bus terminals, and train and subway systems.  Many of our customers own and operate these key systems and rely on Plas-Tech Fabrications to supply the following types of components:

  • Vehicle and Interior Components such as Wall Panels, Windows and Storage Compartments
  • Glare Shields and Monitor Enclosures
  • Lighting Fixtures and Lenses
  • Protective Barriers and Bulkheads
  • Cargo Liners and other Wear-resistant Items
  • Ventilation Ducts and Louvers