The Retail industry uses plastics for everything from the mundane, such as bins and trays, to the exotic, including jewelry displays and artistic sculptures.  With requirements of all shapes, textures and colors it is easy to see why plastics are traditionally used for boutiques, box stores, grocery stores and high-end shopping centres.  In fact, plastics use is increasing as the materials science of plastics moves forward and permits plastics to structurally replace steel, wood, drywall and glass while reducing purchasing and maintenance costs and improving safety.

Plas-Tech Fabrications is located in Ottawa-Gatineau which is central to the business corridor extending from Toronto Ontario to Montreal Quebec.  In addition, this region hosts some of the best shopping and retail districts in Canada.  This gives Plas-Tech, which has a myriad of high tech and industrial clients, a surprisingly strong presence in the local retail sector.

Among the items regularly supplied by Plas-Tech Fabrications to our retail clients are:

  • Displays and Cabinets
  • Artistic Displays and Architectural Elements
  • Lighting Fixtures and Lenses
  • Designer and High End Signs
  • Shelving, Bins and Trays
  • Counters and Tables
  • Carts and Corner Guards
  • Railings and Barriers
  • Guards and Barriers for Escalators and Elevators