High Tech

Plas-Tech Fabrications is located in Ottawa Ontario which is home to many high tech firms, from larger companies with global reach to cutting edge start-ups.  These companies produce components and complete goods for satellites, telecommunications, nanotech, robotics, remote sensing, semiconductors, and information technology.  Many of these companies have relied on Plas-Tech Fabrications for precision machining of plastic components and vacuum forming of plastic housings and shrouds for sensitive electronics.

The plastics used in these high tech applications are often specialized to meet clean room and electrostatic dissipative (ESD) requirements.  ESD Plastics are plastics treated with carbon powder and fibres or special coatings so that they are electrostatically dissipative or resistant to static build-up.  ESD Plastics are quite capable of retaining the physical, mechanical, thermal and chemical properties for which their base plastics are known and used.  Common ESD Plastics used at Plas-Tech Fabrications at our manufacturing facility in Ottawa include ABS, Acetal such as Delrin, Polycarbonate (PC), Polypropylene (PP) and UHMW.

At Plas-Tech Fabrications we supply both product components and equipment parts such as:

  • Housings and Shrouds for Sensitive Electronics
  • Shields, Guards, Rails, Guides and Rollers for Conveyor Systems
  • Test fixtures and Tool Holders
  • Ultra-smooth Piping and Fittings for Clean Room & Biotech Environments
  • Ducts and Conduit for Wiring and Fiber Optics
  • Work Benches