Custom Fabrication

Plas-Tech Fabrications has nearly 20 years of experience in Ottawa Ontario with fabricating plastic items and products of all materials, types and sizes.  Fabrication methods include thermoforming, vacuum forming, welded assemblies, and processing of larger injection moulded components.  Often the items we fabricate started with us at the consulting and prototyping stages.

Generally fabrication is lower in volume with product ranging from a few up to several thousand per year.  Our lean production methods allow us to produce units as required with little variation in production costs and quality.  For larger and more expensive products this matching of supply with demand can allow customers to better manage costs and risks associated with holding inventory unnecessarily.

Fabrication is a flexible production phase in that Plas-Tech is capable of modifying moulds and tooling to respond to customer needs that may change as a result of feedback from the marketplace or changing operating environments.  More often than not, even drastic changes can be accommodated via modifications instead of starting over with an all new design and tooling.  This is a very significant advantage compared to injection moulding where modifications often cannot be accommodated or result in all new tooling at great expense and delay.

Plas-Tech is flexible on whether the fabrication moulds and tooling are stored securely at our location or at the customer site.  This decision is usually a matter of logistics and production frequency.