Plas-Tech Fabrications has been serving many industries and large customers in these industries since its very inception in Ottawa Ontario.  Since then we have been expanding our sales regions across Canada and the USA, as well as our industries served and the number of customers per industry.  Here we present our main industries from which we derive significant recurring business.  If you do not recognize your industry here for some reason please feel free to call us to discuss your plastics needs.  If we cannot meet your needs directly we will do our best to help you find or select another supplier that can.

We would like to point out that many of our competitors will classify products supplied to their customers as being their own products.  We clearly distinguish between our products and those of our customers.  Our products are designed, built and sold by Plas-Tech Fabrications with our patents and intellectual property retained by Plas-Tech.  Our customers’ products are fabricated and manufactured by Plas-Tech on behalf of our customers while the customer retains ownership of the material, designs and intellectual property.  So, the products, applications and services listed under our industries are those provided by Plas-Tech on behalf of our valued customers.  Our own patented products can be found under Our Products. We take great care in ensuring that intellectual property and industry secrets do not flow across the boundaries between our individual customers, or the boundaries between Plas-Tech and our customers.   If it matters to you, then it matters to us.






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Equipment Suppliers

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Food & Agriculture

Entertainment & Recreation

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