• Our Process

    Let Our Process Bring Your Ideas to Life

  • 1

    Design Consultation

    Tap into our knowledge on Materials, Design and Manufacturability.

  • 2


    Use our blend of Art and Science to create beautiful-but-balanced Prototypes.

  • 3

    Custom Fabrication

    Show the world your ideas and go to market with your products safely and rapidly.

  • 4

    Flexible Manufacturing

    Capitalize on our flexible practices to reduce your critical lead times and investments.

  • 5

    Volume Manufacturing

    Leverage our technologies and sourcing to safely scale your business exponentially.

Happening Today

Completing our ICD Product Family at City of Ottawa to Combat CSO

For 2017 the City of Ottawa officially approved our latest innovative product thereby completing all 13 categories of stormwater management products listed for use by the city.  Plas-Tech Fabrications’ latest … Read more

Plas-Tech Makes Spring Boat Repairs Easy!

If you need boat repairs before the summer boat launch see Plas-Tech Fabrications of Ottawa Ontario.  We stock and have access to any boat-related plastic you can think of, and … Read more

Plas-Tech Fabrications slots and perforates plastic pipe for landfills

Now Manufacturing Slotted & Perforated PVC & Plastic Pipe

We slot and perforate PVC, CPVC & HDPE pipe of any size – in fact the larger the better!  We can also source high volume pre-slotted pipe and special applications from … Read more

Plas-Tech Custom Fabricates and Repairs Plastic Tanks

Plas-Tech Fabrications can supply off-the-shelf plastic storage tanks that are custom modified to suit your needs.  We can also repair tanks at our shop in Ottawa or at the customer … Read more


Plas-Tech Finds Unique Way to Support Make-a-Wish® Ontario

Many small non-retail business owners find themselves in that awkward position:  a customer is buying a good or service for $20 while your minimum purchase allowed is $50.  You don’t want … Read more