Plas-Tech Fabrications, along with our parent company PVC Industrial Product Ltd., is now providing more end-to-end services such as sub-assembly and final assembly.  The components used include plastic items manufactured and/or purchased internally as well as metal components purchased or contracted outside.  In all cases we are responsible for purchasing and quality control so that the customer has less to worry about.  These assemblies can be tested as required and delivered ready to use at the customers work site or the factory point-of-use.

In delivering this service we not only alleviate the burden of overhead for the customer but we also provide value-added services related to:

  • expert selection of materials.
  • cost-effective and responsible sourcing and purchasing.
  • skilled assembly and testing by qualified technicians with top-grade equipment in the proper environment.
  • logistics management to get the right material to the right place when you need it.

Examples delivered on a routine basis by Plas-Tech include our patented products as well as fully assembled research cabinets, podiums, shelves and sealed-glove boxes, and sub-assemblies of piping and fittings for water-parks, construction contractors, and equipment builders.