Pro Shot – Ice Simulator

Plas-Tech Fabrications is proud to contribute to the continued training of hockey players everywhere by introducing its line of Pro Shot Ice Simulators.  This line of products was developed by our engineers with direct input from players, coaches, retailers and, of course, the Hockey Moms and Dads that make it all happen.  These simulators have been engineered to perform like real ice so stick handling, snap shots and even slap shots will feel like you’re back at the rink.  These durable products can stand up to the toughest treatment possible, whether it’s being abused in the driveway with slap shot trials or run over by Dad’s old truck first thing in the morning.

All of our Pro Shot Ice Simulators include:

  • Engineered plastic using a proprietary blend to give it a friction coefficient that feels like real ice and protect expensive hockey sticks from damage.
  • Made-in-Canada durable material that is not damaged by weather or vehicles when left in the driveway.  Also does not warp or lift on edges and corners like competing products.
  • UV additives that prolong life when exposed in the sun.  Regular plastics turn yellow and brittle after less than 6 months.
  • Beveled edges so the puck easily moves from the driveway or floor to the sheet.  No need to pick up pucks.
  • Rounded corners so that players, hockey bags, car seats and walls have less risk of injury or damage.


Pro Shot - Small-square Pro Shot - Medium - Wide Angle-square Pro Shot - Large - 3 Puck Pattern-square



Pro Shot Small Ice Simulator Pro Shot Medium Ice Simulator Pro Shot Large Ice Simulator Pro Shot Extra-Large Simulator


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