Stormwater Tech Odour Trap

Our Stormwater Tech Odour Trap is our patented ICD that combines the control of an orifice plate with the protection of a contained water trap.  In low urban runoff areas, the large tapered cavity creates the effect of a settling pond that allows sediment, grease and oil to be contained in the unit instead of drifting downstream into facilities where plugging is a threat and cleanout impossible.  The smooth, open surfaces allow quick and easy cleaning of the unit during inspections.  In areas with higher runoff, sediment and grease build-up is not so much an issue so the Odour Trap can physically accommodate larger orifices to management up to very high flow rates, while still preventing blockages due to larger debris.  In all applications the Odour Trap provides perfect protection against odours escaping from sewer systems to street level.  Its versatility makes the Stormwater Tech Odour Trap a great addition to your storm water management program, no matter what your challenges may be.

Primary Function(s): Flow Control for Medium to High Flow Rates (17 to 75 l/s │ 270 to 1200 GPM or greater).
Other Functions(s):
Odour Control and Debris Control due to water trap function even under no-flow conditions.Sediment, grease and oil containment to protect downstream facilities.
Outflow Pipe Diameter:
150 mm to 250 mm │ 6 inch to 10 inch.  Special orders can be made for larger sizes.
Catch Basin Types: With sumps* only.  Rectangular or Round (round requires built-in adapter).

*Sumps are defined as any catch basin where there is at least 305 mm (12 inches) between the bottom of the catch basin and the bottom of the outflowing pipe entrance).

Odour Trap – Square Adapter

Odour Trap in Square Adapter - Front  Odour Trap in Square Adapter - Left Odour Trap in Square Adapter - Back
Front Left Angle Back

Odour Trap – Round Adapter

Odour Trap in Round Adapter - Front Odour Trap in Round Adapter - Angle Odour Trap in Round Adapter - Back
Front Left Angle Back