Stormwater Tech Vortex

Our Stormwater Tech Vortex ICD is our patented design that uses a naturally occurring vortex effect to control flow rates without moving parts.  Under no flow conditions the Vortex acts as a water trap which prevents odours from leaving downstream pipes and debris from entering those same pipes via the catch basin or man-hole.  With low to moderate rainfall the flow rate increases through the Vortex as expected with flow increasing as the water level increases.  With high water levels or high rainfall the flow rate through the Vortex will increase to the point where it spirals around our patented curved body.  This spiral or vortex allows a core of air to centralize in the unit orifice much like you would see when a bathtub is allowed to drain freely.  This air core actually reduces the effective cross sectional flow area of the orifice – just as if you reduced the orifice diameter itself – thereby throttling back the flow rate.  This effect actually increases with load so that the more you need it the more it naturally provides.  After the rain event and water levels normalize and drop, the flow rates decrease until the vortex effect disappears and the unit returns to normal, eventually returning to a no-flow water trap.

Primary Function(s): Automated Flow Control for Low to Medium Rates (6 to 20 l/s │ 95 to 317 GPM).
Other Functions(s):
Odour Control and Debris Control due to water trap function even under no-flow conditions.Provides sediment flushing due to the dynamics of the vortex (requires little cleaning, if any).
Outflow Pipe Diameter:
150 mm to 250 mm │ 6 inch to 10 inch.  Special orders can be made for larger sizes.
Catch Basin Types: With sumps* only.  Rectangular or Round (round requires built-in adapter).

*Sumps are defined as any catch basin where there is at least 305 mm (12 inches) between the bottom of the catch basin and the bottom of the outflowing pipe entrance).

Vortex – Square Adapter

Vortex in Square Adapter - Front  Vortex in Square Adapter - Left Vortex in Square Adapter - Back
Front Left Angle Back

Vortex – Round Adapter

Vortex in Round Adapter - Front Vortex in Round Adapter - Left Vortex in Round Adapter - Back
Front Left Angle Back