ESD Plastics

ESD Plastics are plastics been treated with carbon powder and fibres or special coatings so that they are Electro-Statically Dissipative (ESD) or resistant to static build-up.  This normally comes in the form of sheets that have both sides treated with a clear permanent coating.

ESD Plastics are quite capable of retaining the physical, mechanical, thermal and chemical properties for which their base plastics are known and used.

Common ESD Plastics used at Plas-Tech Fabrications at our manufacturing facility in Ottawa Ontario include:

ESD materials require special handling during processing in order to protect their inherent properties and avoid scratching and other forms of damage.  Plas-Tech is considered one of Canada’s leading manufacturers in handling these special applications.  Applications for ESD plastics include any where sensitive electronics or similar equipment must be protected from electrical shocks and charging.