There are many types and combinations of plastics and just as many types of adhesives, all of which perform to varying degrees of success under different conditions.   Adhesives include glues, epoxies, solvents and other speciality products.  While they do not form bonds as strong as welds adhesives can be useful where appearances play a more critical role than endurance.

For larger and mission critical jobs it is best to rely on qualified technicians to perform these kinds of operations.  Our technical team at Plas-Tech Fabrications in Ottawa will not only select the best applications but they will apply these properly and safely, which is a significant consideration due to the fumes and chemical reactions associated with some of these applications.

At Plas-Tech we have full capability and experience with all forms of adhesives with all plastics listed on this website.  We use this for mainly for the assembly of components that we produce in-house or purchase directly so that our end customer receives a completed and tested assembly ready-to-use.