Plas-Tech Fabrications started serving the Ottawa-Gatineau area in 1997 with full-service custom plastics fabrication and prototyping.  Over the years we have assembled the best team of plastics specialists in the Toronto-Montreal corridor while adding CNC machining, thermoforming, vacuum forming and welding to our offered services.  In recent years we added flexible manufacturing operations and we now have lines of patented products.  We are now continuing to scale with front-end consultation on design and materials while extending our services downstream to high volume manufacturing, including assembly and kitting.

Our competitive edge comes not only from artisan-based creativity, advanced materials knowledge, and technical innovation, but also from our internal culture and environment which fosters these advantages.  We carefully protect this culture because our customers count on us for the excellent results it delivers on a daily basis.

While many of our customers are still in Ottawa, Gatineau, Toronto and Montreal, we are adding clients every day from other parts of Ontario and Quebec, and every week from across Canada and the USA.  Regardless of their location, we pride ourselves on serving each client with the same attention and friendly service as if they were just next door.


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