Plas-Tech also provides Kitting services along with the delivery of its plastics products.  Kitting is simply the collection of necessary components so it can be supplied to a customer’s point-of-use in one package.  One example would be our StormTech Vortex devices, which can be delivered on its own or along with the necessary hardware to complete the installation at the job site.  While the difference itself can seem minor there are great advantages to this approach.

The advantages of kitting include:

  • Elimination of the burden of overhead related to sourcing, purchasing, logistics, receiving, inspection, material handling and accounting.
  • Keeping customer inventory low in value and complexity.
  • Reducing space requirements in customer storage and at the point-of-use.
  • Reducing packaging and the subsequent handling and disposal.

Improved quality through the purchasing and selection processes and reduced manipulation at the point-of-use.