Entertainment & Recreation

The uses for plastics in the Entertainment and Recreation industries are as diverse as the industries themselves.  As a result many related plastics projects are custom designed and fabricated for our customers in Ottawa, Gatineau, Ontario and Quebec.  With over 60 years of combined experience with custom plastic work, Plas-Tech Fabrications is well known in the region for its creative talents and professional approach to unique and challenging projects of all kinds.  These applications can range from elaborate piping applications for a water park being exported to China to one-of-a-kind lighting displays for a local national museum.

Being the national capital region, Ottawa hosts many of the national museums, galleries, casinos and exhibits, as well as the occasional movie production.  These projects often rely on the artisan work of Plas-Tech Fabrications for displays, lighting, models, special effects and other artistic creations.  Ottawa-Gatineau is also known for its outdoor and sports activities – both summer and winter.  It boasts ski resorts, rinks and snow board parks in the winter and marinas and golf courses in the summer.  It is home to Canada’s largest water park and a global supplier of water park structures.  All of these contribute to a local demand for our products and services such as plastic bending, vacuum forming, injection moulding and plastic welding.  With our skills so honed and familiar to such activities Plas-Tech is now growing our reach across Ontario and Quebec, and into the United States as well.

At Plas-Tech we use acrylics (lexan), polycarbonates, HDPE and ABS to create displays, lighting, fixtures, counters, signs and other artistic creations for:

  • Casinos
  • Museums
  • Film Sets
  • Theatres
  • Resorts
  • Art Galleries
  • Artist Exhibits
  • Monuments

And structures, components, piping and on-site welding repairs of:

  • Water Parks and Play Pads, as well as Water Toys
  • Ski and Snowboard Parks
  • Playgrounds and Skateboard Parks
  • Sports Centers
  • Golf Courses
  • Curling Rinks
  • Hockey Rinks