Equipment Suppliers

Plas-Tech Fabrications has supplied plastics components to sophisticated Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers since its start-up years in Ottawa in 1997.  Plastics applications have become more widespread in this industry as the materials science behind plastics has become more advanced.  Plastics can now be machined to the same precision as metals, thereby replacing metals where weight, corrosion and costs are concerns.  Composites and liquid-filled polymers have also taken plastics into industrial applications never dreamed of just 10 years ago.

Located centrally in the Toronto-Montreal business corridor, Plas-Tech Fabrications has been recently expanding its customer base further into the Windsor-Toronto corridor as well.  We strive to partner with our customers so that we can advise on materials and component designs to reduce costs while improving performance.  Our in-house Manufacturing & Design Engineering resources and Materials Experts allow us to go well beyond the services of your typical commodity suppliers by visiting on-site for technical reviews and project updates.

Among the services and components we provide Equipment Manufacturers are:

  • Consultation on Materials Selection for optimal cost and performance.
  • Mechanical Design and Review of Existing Designs to reduce costs and improve fit and function.
  • Components and Assemblies for Equipment being manufactured.
  • Fixtures such as Test Apparatus and Tooling Holders for the manufacturing process itself.
  • PVC and CPVC Pipe, fittings and valves for fluid and gas handling for both Manufactured Equipment and the Manufacturing Process.
  • Supply of plastic materials such as plastic sheets, laminates, tubing and rod stock for customer in-house machining.