Stormwater Tech Orifice Plate

Our Stormwater Tech Orifice Plate uses a calibrated orifice to control the outflow at a specific rate at a specific head in the catch basin.  This is our simplest and most economical Inlet Control Device (ICD), and can be sometimes used by municipalities as a starting point for storm water management until more information is gathered.  As with all our products, it can be swapped out with another Stormwater Tech ICD once more is known about the system.

Primary Function(s): Flow Control for Medium to High Flow Rates (20 to 100 l/s │ 317 to 1585 GPM).
Other Functions(s):
Outflow Pipe Diameter:
150 mm to 250 mm │ 6 inch to 10 inch.  Special orders can be made for larger sizes.
Catch Basin Types: All – with or without sumps*.  Rectangular or Round (round requires built-in adapter).

*Sumps are defined as any catch basin where there is at least 305 mm (12 inches) between the bottom of the catch basin and the bottom of the outflowing pipe entrance).

Orifice Plate – Square Adapter

Orifice Plate in Square adapter - Front Orifice Plate in Square Adapter - Angle Orifice Plate in Square Adapter - Back
Front Left Angle Back

Orifice Plate – Round Adapter

 Orifice Plate in Round Adapter - Front Orifice Plate in Round Adapter - Angle  Orifice Plate in Round Adapter - Back
Front Left Angle Back