Plas-Tech Fabrications Now Supplying Newfoundland Plastics

Newfoundland is famous for its colourful houses, boats, scenery and people.  Based in Ottawa Ontario, Plas-Tech Fabrications is well-known for its colorful plastics, creative designs and attention to service.  Since we started plastics in Ottawa in 1997 we have shipped many types of plastics and plastics products to Newfoundland.  More recently this has increased with sales of our plastics ProShot hockey products which are sold in stores across the island of Newfoundland and particularly in St. John’s NL.  In 2016 Plas-Tech Fabrications will be spending more time and effort on marketing other plastics products and services towards Newfoundland plastics.  With offshore oil & gas projects such as Hibernia, mining operations in Voisey’s Bay and construction megaprojects on the Lower Churchill Falls in Labrador, we feel that the demand for Newfoundland plastics is higher than ever before in the province’s long history.  Yet at the same time the Newfoundland and Labrador plastics markets are underserviced and overpriced on plastic items that are readily available elsewhere in Canada.

Among the Newfoundland plastics markets such as telecommunications, mining, and oil & gas we are targeting are:

  • Radomes and Antenna enclosures
  • Ductwork, Vents and Ventilation Systems
  • Lighting and Fixtures
  • Equipment Guards, Housings and Panels
  • Filtration, HVAC and Refrigeration Components and Systems
  • Slotted Pipe for Drainage and Venting
  • Polyethylene Tanks and Other Plastic Vessels
  • Rails, Barriers and Special Safety Structures
  • Windows and Door Panels
  • Storage, Cabinets and Shelves
  • Replacement Parts for Construction Vehicles, Tooling and Equipment

and Marine Industry plastics such as;

  • Marine Cockpits, Panels and Consoles
  • Windshields and Windows
  • Lighting Lenses
  • Radar Enclosures
  • Doors and Counters
  • Storage Compartments
  • Protective Barriers and Bulkheads
  • Cargo Liners
  • Ballast tanks
  • Ladders and Floats
  • Components for Docks

For more information check out our website at or call Mark or Carolyn at 613-831-4640.  We will be happy to personally guide you along on your plastics project or quote you on anything plastic in beautiful Newfoundland and Labrador.